About the Journal

Contour is peer-reviewed journal for interdisciplinary research in architecture, urban design and planning. Its themes emerge from a common interest to explore the environments of everyday life and the many, often overwhelming tools, methods and theories for investigating their complexities. Disciplinary divides need to be dissolved and traditions questioned. Placing the next generation of researchers at its centre, the journal seeks to explore the epistemological and ontological multiplicity that makes up the sciences today and that comprises the boundary, the periphery, the contour of research in architecture and the sciences of the city. As a journal based in Switzerland in the heart of Europe, Contour embraces linguistic multiplicity while questioning the hegemony of one single scientific language or mode of expression: how do we harness the communicative potential of images, video, drawings? In combination with print, the journal maintains a presence on the web, allowing for readers and editors to communicate in near real-time, blurring the lines between traditional publication and the participation afforded by evolving information and communication technologies. Contour recognizes the need to move beyond the self-referentiality of architectural research and the idea that the social and natural sciences are foreign territory.  The contour is not comprised of spaces of separation, but places of a collective desire to investigate and understand our shared world.

ISSN 2297-6906

To submit an article, please use this template .docx file. For questions about contributions, contact: editors (at) contourjournal (dot) org